Principles and Values

The principles and values that underpin the care at Penny Meadow

Penny Meadow is committed to supporting people with Learning Disabilities so they can live their lives with dignity and independence and be participating members within the community.  Penny Meadow is committed to meeting the needs of those people entrusted to its care.

If there is conflict between meeting the needs of Service Users and those of workers, the needs of the Service Users must take precedence.  The basic principles underlying our support of people with Learning Disabilities include:-


Penny Meadow recognises the right of Service Users to be left alone, undisturbed and free from intrusion where and when safe to do so.  The Service User has a right to privacy with regard to both personal affairs and personal belongings.  Particular attention will be given to preserving privacy in the use of bathrooms and toilets, and when dressing and undressing.  At the same time Health and Safety and personal risk management will be discussed.  Staff are aware that a Service User’s privacy and confidentiality in all matters are paramount.

Confidentiality of Information

The Service User’s rights to confidentiality will be safeguarded at all times.  Penny Meadow will not disclose any personal information about Service Users to a third party unless this has been agreed with the Service User concerned, or an appropriate advocate.  Agreement to disclose information will only be sought if this is for the benefit of the Service User and to facilitate effective communication between service providers and a smooth transition in the event of a change.  Information will be provided on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Access to Information

Every Service User, and/or their advocate has a right to the information about the objectives of their care and a detailed explanation of the service being offered.  All records maintained by Penny Meadow pertaining to a Service User may be viewed upon request by the Service User or advocate.


Penny Meadow will not discriminate against Service Users on the grounds of Race, Nationality, Language, Gender, Religion, Beliefs, Age, Sex, Sexual Orientation or Social Standing.  Penny Meadow values and promotes social diversity and encourages all Service Users to do the same.  Penny Meadow will not discriminate between Service Users who pay directly for their service and those who do not.

Personal Dignity, Independence and Individuality

Irrespective of the severity of their disabilities, physical or cognitive, the dignity, independence and individuality of every Service User will be respected and maintained.  Penny Meadow will recognise and respect, regardless of circumstances, the uniqueness of each Service User and their intrinsic value as an individual.

Dignity occurs when each person is valued and treated with respect in all aspects of their daily life whatever their circumstances or level of dependency.  Penny Meadow will provide skilled sensitive care to enable Service Users to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

Fulfilment of Aspirations

Service Users will have their social, emotional, spiritual, cultural, political and sexual needs accepted and respected.  They will be enabled to achieve their potential capacity – physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Individuals will be given support and freedom to realise personal aspirations and abilities in all respects of daily life.


Penny Meadow’s commitment will be to find the best and most cost effective way of meeting the Service User’s needs and aspirations.  Service Users will be supported to make informed choices which will be incorporated into their care plan.  Service Users have a right to be involved in a careful and thorough assessment of their cares and wishes and to be informed of the outcome.

Personal Choice

Penny Meadow will allow each individual Service User to exercise, to his or her full potential, and providing it is safe to do so, personal choice in opportunities and lifestyle. Penny Meadow will ensure, that the person they care for has a say in decisions about the provision, extent and timing or any care planned and also over the withdrawal of any service.

Where the Service User is not able to participate fully in care planning, consideration must be given to his or her wishes so far as these are expressed and practical.  Advocates are welcome to participate at any time in the planning of care for individuals.


The Service User will have a regular review of their individual circumstances and progress at which they have a right to be present.

Service Information

Service Users will be fully informed about the services provided by Penny Meadow.

Legal Rights

The Service User will be fully informed about their legal rights.


The Service User will have access to Penny Meadow’s formal complaints procedure and has the right to be represented by a friend or adviser if they so wish

The principles above must be guided by prior commitments imposed by Health and Safety or Statutory requirements