Penny Meadow is a progressive Life Skills training, personal development, socialization and respite centre for young adults with a learning disability


At Penny Meadow we passionately believe that everyone, no matter what their personal circumstances, has the ability to progress in life, to learn, to discover new skills and explore new horizons and that they should be given every opportunity to do so.

Progression is our mantra. While it is important that our young people enjoy their time at Penny Meadow, it is equally important that they progress and learn. We tailor each day and activities to suit each individual’s needs. Our aim is to help young people develop their existing skills and introduce them to new skills in a fun, motivational and progressive way.

Penny Meadow has a friendly family atmosphere, and a caring environment where young people feel safe and secure and where every individual’s needs are met. With a high ratio of qualified, experienced and enthusiastic staff we can provide a person-centred service where our young people are motivated to progress in a structured yet enjoyable way.

We focus on practical, creative, employability and socialization skills enabling young adults to gain self-confidence and self-esteem while acquiring new skills and greater independence.